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Wednesday at Bar Hill
 Next meeting at Bar Hill on 19th Dec for some light finds sorting and Christmas nibbles.
 On Wednesday 9th January Mike Coles and Terry Dymott will review the Group's fieldwork of the last year and the previous 40. For the 2018-19 series click here
 First field walking for 2019 will be at Wimpole on 6th Jan. For details contact fieldwalking@cafg.net

Latest articles & reports        (more)

Hardwick Church Excavation Report
 This is the full report covering the group excavation on the Hardwick Church car park site carried out on behalf of the Hardwick Church PCC.
Who made this clay pipe?
 Common finds during our field walking are clay pipes. This article discusses how their maker can sometimes be determined and how to do it.
Bronze and Iron Age Hoards
 Robert Skeen shares his interest in the hoards of the Bronze and Iron Ages.
Fieldwalking on the Childerley estate 2015-16
 Our report on last year's fieldwalking in Childerley.
Fieldwalking on the Childerley estate 2014-15
 Our report on further fieldwalking in Childerley.
Fieldwalking on the Childerley estate 2009-2014
 This is a report on the results of the first five years of fieldwalking in Childerley.
Wimpole: silent voices and deserted homes
 The full main report of our HLF funded project at Wimpole is now available for download. Appendices giving detailed information are available on request.
Arrington Report
 This report covers our work at Arrington in 2014 where we combined several archaeology techniques to confirm the Roman settlement reported in the 1989 PCAS Journal.
Oily Hall Test Pitting
 Lawrence Billington has sent us his preliminary findings. There are some interesting observations about the differences in results from our original field walking.
Harlton CBM
 Report on Cambridge Archaeology Field Group (CAFG) fieldwalking exercise carried out in a field to the north of Whole Way Cottage, Harlton in 1994
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